Create Gmail Account

Gmail is the email service powered by Google. Gmail provides the users with the opportunity to easily communicate with their friends, relatives, business associates etc. from any location they prefer. Google regularly updates the features of Gmail so that the users can communicate in a better way. Once you create gmail account, you will be able to use the different services such as email, video chat, online editing of documents, have group discussion using Google to hang out, etc.

gmail create account

Visit Google Page

The first step to create a Gmail account to use the email service is to visit the official webpage of Google by browsing to Once you reach the Google homepage, click on “create account”. You will reach the “sign up” page of Gmail.

Enter The Details

In the sign up page you will have to enter some key personal information.

  • First, you will have to enter your name in the first box, the email ID or username that you want to use in the second box.
  • Next, you will have to create a safe password for your gmail account which is easy to remember.create gmail
  •  In the next box again, you will have to enter your password for confirmation.
  • In the next boxes you need to enter the date of birth and your gender.
  •  In the box provided, enter your phone number along with the country code you are living in.
  • Providing the phone number is most important as this will be needed for your account verification.
  • Next, enter the captcha code provided to ensure that you are not a robot. Next, select your location and click on the tab with “I agree with the terms and conditions”.
  • Once you finish filling the details, click on “next” option at the bottom of the sign up page.

Creating Profile

When you click on the “next” option to sign up page, you will reach the page to create your profile. According to the directions create your profile and you can even add a profile photo if you wish to do so. When you are finished creating the profile again, click “next”. Now your account will be ready to use.

Using Your Gmail Account

Once you create the account, Google will send an email to your Gmail inbox welcoming you to their services. Now you can use the new Gmail account created by you to access various services from Gmail. You will be able to change the appearance of your Gmail homepage using the settings tab on the right top corner.  You can give a customized look by adding your photo as the background. You can transfer all the contacts from old email ID to your new address. You can test the new account by sending email using it. You can click on “compose” and enter the email ID of your recipient. Now you can type in the contents of the mail according to your need and you can click on the “send” option below to send the email to the particular person.

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